About Us

NSTS Company was established in 2008 and started to work in two sections: Consulting Engineering Services and Laboratory Equipment Manufacturing, as well as consulting services for contracting national and international events, including scientific conferences, exhibitions and specialized seminars. In establishing this company, the philosophy of providing different services, utilizing scientific and engineering management attitudes, accurately recognizing the demands of customers and the market, and committed to maintaining quality authenticity, have been considered and carefully considered, which maintains the relationship and cooperation of several years with customers. Internal and external, is a testimony to this claim. In the engineering sector, NSTS Co., based on its close relationship with the universities of the country, has always tried to provide the best technology, best service and the highest quality equipment to solve the problems of the country's industries. The company is proud to first design and manufacture in the country of some test and measuring devices in the field of wire and cable in accordance with national and international standards. Also, the company is ready to design and manufacture laboratory and industrial equipment as well as the reconstruction and automation of old machines according to customer's order. In addition to the above services, providing consulting services for equipping the lab and implementing national and international standards such as ISO 17025 is also on the agenda of the company in the engineering sector.